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Welcome to CoatingsConnect, the online headquarters of the American Coatings Association's grassroots effort. CoatingsConnect provides a versatile way for ACA members and their employees to get involved in the legislative and regulatory issues that impact our industry.

Public policy-particularly at the state and local levels-has significant power to influence the way we do business. As an industry, we face a wide array of issues, from chemical security and environmental regulations to lead exposure, graffiti control, and transportation and distribution of hazardous materials. By becoming actively involved in the political process, you can help shape the outcomes of the issues that matter to everyone associated with our industry: our businesses, employees, customers, and the communities in which we live and work.

Through CoatingsConnect, you will have the opportunity to take positive action in a variety of ways and at whatever level is most appropriate for you. Please browse our website to learn how you can become more involved in the issues that affect you.

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